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Data Structures
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Fundamental Programming Concepts
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In this project students work in pairs to create a drawing. Using a provided graphics library, students must create a drawing whose location, size, and other parameters can be changed with different calls to a function. Students are allowed to choose what to draw, and there is a competition for the best drawings. In addition to teaching graphics, the project also requires students to work collaboratively on abstracting and decomposing their code.


Make the Content of creating functions more Meaningful and Relevant by describing how code is also made reusable and extensible when incorporated into other disciplines, such as medicine, statistics, and transportation. Create an Interdisciplinary Connection to CS by inviting faculty from the interactive arts, graphics, or digital media department or program to discuss with your students how similar activities are performed within the context of their own discipline.

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Incorporates Student Choice by challenging students to choose what to draw. Uses Meaningful and Relevant Content by showing students how to create images using code.

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