EngageCSEdu is:

Designed to help faculty engage ALL of their students

The goal of EngageCSEdu is to help grow a more diverse computing workforce by supporting the retention of women and other underrepresented groups in undergraduate computing education. Many things influence whether a student chooses to study computing but having a great experience in introductory courses is key.

A living collection of materials from the CS community

The collection was "seeded" via a nationwide search of US colleges and universities with openly available CS1/CS2 materials. Now faculty can directly contribute their course materials to the collection. Simply set up an account to add material to EngageCSEdu.

An efficient way for faculty to find what they need, when they need it

EngageCSEdu was designed to be easy to use. Check out the collection by clicking "Browse Materials" and then use the filters on the left to browse the collection.

Peer-reviewed and research-based

All materials in the collection are reviewed by computer science educators and by experts in student engagement and pedagogy. The review rubric is informed by research on the impact of pedagogy and curriculum on student engagement and every collection item is tagged for the research-based “Engagement Practices" it employs. Learn more about each technique by going to the "Engagement Practices" page.

Read about EngageCSEdu in the March 2015 edition of ACM InRoads!

The EngageCSEdu Engagement Excellence Awards recognizes faculty who are making a difference in their introductory computer science classrooms through excellent and engaging curriculum. Learn more about this prestigious award at EngageCSEdu Engagement Excellence Awards!

For more information, check out the FAQs.