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Fundamental Programming Concepts
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In this tutorial, students work individually to explore the basic concepts of statements, sequence, and methods. Using pseudocode and various scenarios (such as making a milkshake, getting money from a cash machine, and doing laundry), students must examine the basic principles for creating a sequence of actions and then generate their own example. This activity is excellent for introducing the concept of sequences and statements to a student with no background in computer programming.

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Supports Student-Student Interaction by encouraging students to collaborate with another student during the planning stages of the assignment. Addresses Misconceptions About the Field of CS by presenting various examples of 'coding' that are not typically associated with the discipline (such as doing laundry or the process of a person getting money out of a cash machine). Uses familiar topics (such as doing laundry, getting money out of a cash machine, and assembling something in the kitchen) as a way of creating a Meaningful and Relevant Context. Uses Effective Encouragement by stating that it is OK to make mistakes and that recitations are for trying new things out without the pressure of grades.

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