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The CS2 course introduces object-oriented programming, data structures, and more sophisticated algorithms than in CS 171 (Computer Science I) which is a prerequisite for this course. You are not expected to have any prior experience with Java. In terms of the ACM’s Computer Science Curriculum 2013, this course addresses the following knowledge areas: • Algorithms and Complexity (AL) • Discrete Structures (DS) • Programming Languages (PL) • Software Development Fundamentals (SDF) • Software Engineering (SE)

This course is a required intro-level course for two of the three Lewis & Clark CS departmental majors: Computer Science and Computer Science and Mathematics.


Many of the labs and assignments from this course are the EngageCSEdu collection, and some of them have been given the prestigious Engagement Excellence designation:

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This course makes use of a series of POGIL exercises. Learn more about POGIL and collaborative learning for broadening participation in computing on EngageCSEdu's Engagement Practices pages.

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