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In this lab (Lab 14) students work individually or collaboratively on analyzing customer data. Using a list or dictionary of fake customer data, students sort and print different values. Students must create functions to perform actions, such as getting various distributions (gender, birth, and purchase) within the data set.

The authors of this material were awarded a 2015 NCWIT Engagement Excellence Award for this assignment. Learn more on NCWIT's awards page.


Consider inviting someone in from a local business or company who can discuss the importance of analyzing customer data, as as way to demonstrate Interdisciplinary Connections to CS.

This is lab 14 of a introduction to computing course in Python. See sequencing in the syllabus and course schedule. Additional guidelines for student success on this assignment and throughout the course can be found in the syllabus.

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This lab engages students by using customer data, albeit fake, to understand customer base for a company or business and therefore employs Meaningful and Relevant Content.

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