Why do we need reviewers?

All course materials submitted to the EngageCSEdu collection are peer-reviewed by both computer science educators and social scientists who specialize in diversity and inclusion. This peer review process ensures that users will find the best, most engaging introductory CS course materials in the collection. Reviewers also nominate materials for inclusion in the Engagement Excellence collection, which nominates the author(s) for an NCWIT’s Engagement Excellence Award.

Who are we looking for?

Computer Science reviewers (CS) evaluate the quality of the material’s content and approach, and the accuracy of the metadata. They need a good understanding of core CS1/2 concepts and the typical languages used. Ideally, they have experience as an introductory CS instructor and solid knowledge of effective pedagogy. CS Reviewers will also need to develop a familiarity with the specific practices outlined in the EngageCSEdu Engagement Practices Framework.

Social Science/Education reviewers (SS) evaluate whether a submitted material makes effective use of at least one Engagement Practice (as specified in the Engagement Practices Framework) and whether the material is free from stereotypes and material that may evoke stereotype threat. The SS reviewer should be familiar with inclusive pedagogy for attracting and retaining women and other underrepresented groups in the field of CS. Familiarity with basic computing concepts is a plus, however, an SS reviewer does not need in-depth knowledge of CS content.

What does a review entail?

Periodically, you will receive email requests from the EngageCSEdu Content Manager to review a submission. You many accept or decline this request. We just ask that you let us know in a timely manner. As a reviewer you will evaluate the submission's detail page and all associated files (e.g., student facing materials, support files, implementation instructions) and links. Each reviewer answers a set of questions specific to their type of review (Computer Science or Social/Learning Science) and recommends whether the material should be denied, returned to the author to rework ("revise and resubmit"), or added to the collection. Additionally, each reviewer may nominate the material for inclusion in the Engagement Excellence collection. All of this is completed on the EngageCSEdu site. 

How much time will it take?

Reviews typically take from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the material. Because EngageCSEdu has the unique mission of broadening participation in computing we request that all reviewers do a short training session either with our Content Manager or via a video tutorial.

How do I join the EngageCSEdu reviewer pool?

Simply send an email to engagecsedu@ncwit.org with your name, contact info, and your areas of expertise. Our Content Manager will be in touch to complete the process.