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Fundamental Data Structures
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In this activity, students work through an extended problem applying data structures to ecology. Students begin by defining data structures to define characteristics about different types of bears, write templates for functions over these data structures, and then write functions that take in the data structure constructed. This activity is excellent for students learning to construct and use new data structures in Scheme.


Collaborate with faculty in Ecology or Biology to talk about the "real world" practices of using computer-generated models to further illustrate the Interdisciplinary Connections between CS and Biology.

Engagement Highlights

By putting compound data structures in the context of environment analysis, the activity very strongly Employs Meaningful and Relevant Content. By relating how CS is used in Biology and Ecology, this lab Makes Interdisciplinary Connections to CS.

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conditionals (general)
compound data
parameter passing
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Racket (DrScheme)

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