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In this assignment, students work individually to explore images as a form of data representation. To achieve this, students create a program which 'recovers' a number of images from a corrupted file by identifying the start of the image header files in a large string of data. The goal of this resource is to demonstrate how programming can be useful - both for data recovery and for data representation. This resource is most applicable for students who have previously worked with substantive code databases.

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This resource Addresses Misconceptions about CS by having students photograph a number of CS students around campus and using the storage media as part of the assignment. This resource Incorporates Student Choice by allowing students to choose between the 'hacker' and normal versions of the problem set specification. This resource Employs Meaningful and Relevant Content as it demonstrates data recovery as well as data representation as images. This resource encourages Student-Faculty Interaction by embedding a number of "shorts" or mini-lectures by current Harvard students.

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