What Types of Materials are Appropriate for the EngageCSEdu Collection?

Materials may be considered for the EngageCSEdu Collection if they meet the following criteria:

  • The material is an individual item (e.g., an assignment, a project) from a CS0, CS1, or CS2-like course. (We accept materials from college- and high school-level computer science courses.)
  • The material is high quality -- it works great in helping students learn the targeted concept.
  • The material employs at least one of the identified Engagement Practices.
  • The material is free from stereotypes and stereotype threat.
  • The material is directly authored by you OR is a variation on another’s open source material and appropriately credits the original author.
  • The material has a Creative Commons license allowing others to use the material. This license can be specified.

Note: We are now also accepting short Teaching Papers on the practical implementation of one or more Engagement Practice. For more information, please contact engagecsedu@ncwit.org.

How do you Submit Materials to the Collection?

Materials can be submitted to the collection by using the following steps:

  1. Create an Educator Account on EngageCSEdu.
  2. Using the Educator Account, click on the link below to create new collection item. Fill in all required boxes and metadata.
  3. Upload your material or if multiple files are required for your lab, lesson, or assignment, please upload a zipped file.
  4. For more information on how to submit materials to the EngageCSEdu Collection, please contact us at engagecsedu@ncwit.org